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Meet Sara Colletti


Certified Personal Trainer 
and Group Fitness Instructor 

ACE Personal Trainer

ACE Group Fitness Instructor

PROnatal Pre/Postnatal Certified

ACE Weight Loss Specialist

ACE Fitness Nutrition

Kettle Bell Level One

Tribe Team Training

Vipr Certified Trainer

Schwinn Cycling Instructor


Sara Colletti has been helping clients change their mindset, body and attitude towards movement since 2013. Growing up Sara has always been active. Between dancing,  playing tennis, participating in track and field. as well as running a muck around school, she has yet to miss a beat. 

"The most rewarding experience professionally is seeing the results of a clients progress on paper while witnessing the internal happiness in their eyes:"

Getting her start at Focus Integrative Fitness in 2012 was where she truly fell involve with the idea of sharing her passion for health and wellness with others. Learning anatomy, kinesiology and  bioenergetics, Sara grew her understanding of how the body functions and the tools to improve health. Following her experience at Focus Sara started training at Equinox in Roslyn ,NY. This is were she found her next love, Group Fitness!

One morning in Roslyn someone was needed to fill in super last minute to cover a group fitness class. Sara of course jumped on the chance to volunteer, knowing from that moment what her next step was. While personal training is a great such an rewarding experience, motivating a large group of people and feeling that team warmth has a very big place in her heart.


Sara believes in living a healthy life through movements, nutrition and our minds. Her goal is to develop an environment for everyone to find the healthiest version of themselves. While having fun of course with a booty-kicking workout!! Be on the lookout for her cute little van touring the Hamptons! 

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