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Training within a group is a great way to create your own healthy bubble, stay motivated, and to never miss a workout! This becomes a social hour where you get together with your friends and have this bonding experience while working hard! Together we will create goals for the group, whether it is to build strength, create lean muscle, the options are ​endless!! 

What do I receive? 

From 2 people to 20, we will come with resistance bands, music and a flawless program! Due to covid we no longer supply mats for safety purposes but we plan to again in the future. 

How much is group training?

The more fitness friends you invite, the more money you save!

2-5 participants is $175/$250 for the group for an hour

5 or more becomes $50 a person for an hour

(no group rates available)

* Summer Season

What makes us different?

Here at Hamptons Wellness on Wheels, our main focus is safety and progression within our programing. The goal is to set a proper foundation with movement, strengthen your cardiovascular system and last but not least, have a SUPER FUN workout!

How do I schedule a session?


Whether you would like to know more about this service or jump right into scheduling. Click the button bellow to contact Sara Colletti

In your email, list your:

1. Preferred date

2. Preferred time

3. Amount of participants 

4. Idea of style of session:

     Water Aquatics     




     Mat/Pilates Inspired

     Leg Day

     Circuit Training

     Boot Camp


     Functional Training

      (If you don't know, don't worry! We will discuss together)

Looking forward to working with you!

Hamptons Wellness on Wheels
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