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Create the ultimate space for everything wellness.

When designing an efficient in-home gym or a tranquil wellness nook, it is important to be fully knowledgeable on the what and why’s of designing for success. 

This process is an incredibly exciting time, you have the opportunity to create something that is JUST for you. Filled with equipment that will assist your fitness goals and keep you accountable on your wellness journey. This all starts with a conversation.


We are fitness experts that work with your Architect , Interior Designer or Builder to create a personalized wellness space to enhance your fitness goals.


Your initial meet with Sara is the time to discuss your exercise history and the goals you wish to achieve in your body and space. In order to curate the perfect collection of equipment, tools  and accessories, you must be honest with your intentions and answer 3 questions:

1. What are my goals for my body composition? ex. create lean muscle, increasing muscle size, lengthening and practicing mobility.

2. What mood describes my style? ex. serene spa-like, earthy and grounding, dark and aggressive, bright and flirty.

3. What form of movement makes you the most happy? ex. Pilates, strength training, cardio dance, yoga, running.

Through Sara’s 10 years of experience training in luxury Hamptons homes, and attaining 11 fitness certifications, she is overjoyed to curate a special space for your wellness goals. Whether your workout is your favorite part of the day, or you aspire it to be, it is important that your space is a place you look forward to being in.  Combining your choice of curated equipment, flooring, wall treatments, lighting, and accessories, as well as an exercise program, Sara will work with your team to design your perfect heathy haven. No project is too big or too small!

Wellness Space Consulting Sara Colletti-Youmans
Wellness Space Consulting Sara Colletti-Youmans
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