Helping you create your perfect balance of movement & mindfulness.

Combining Functional Movement, Endurance Training & Breath Work  to Enhance your Body, Mind and Spirt.

We created this platform to bring you safe and effective workouts, cheer on your positive light and be the fitness friends you need. We promise to give you fresh workouts, our fav breath techniques and share all of our fit-research. We are in this wild journey together.


Let's vibe out  BB ✌️


Create long lean muscle with our circuit based classes. Hop on a live or follow a class replay!

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Feel that HEAT! Challenge your body through high repetitions, major energy and breath work.

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This practice is about connecting to your mat, your breath and developing your mind body connection.

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✔️ 2 New Videos Each Week

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✔️ On-Demand Workouts

✔️ Monthly inspo newsletter 

✔️ Ask us Anything 24/7

✔️ 80 Recipes to Fuel!



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Are you looking for a custom program & Virtual Personal Training?

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Now you can find you can find all of your favorite workouts in one place. Introducing LIFTsweat™ Fitness. Join a live class, follow your favorite recorded Zoom, or sweat with a quickie!

We created this platform the second gyms closed back in March 2020, prior to the pandemic we were able to teach and train year round from Southampton to East Hampton. Now, our living room is our studio and our audience reaches far past the Hamptons! Throughout this time our community has grown and has became such a special place. We are a fitness family! Even though most of our members have never met each other in person, they  definitely know what each others living rooms look like!

If you want to burn unwanted fat, build strength, increase your cardiovascular system and to feel comfortable in your own skin, you are in the right place!! 

CLASS descriptions.



Monday 9:30am | 45 min

Start your Monday off strong, join Sara in this 45 minute full body strength circuit. This workout starts with breathing techniques, core/glute activation, followed by a goal crushing circuit! This format is exactly 🙌  how Sara successfully trains herself and her personal training clients 💪.

Breathe & Abs

Tuesday 12:30pm | 30 min

Take your intentions to the mat 🙏 with this FREE Community Class. Learn breathing techniques to develop a mind body connection to your core & body. Breathe through each movement to fire up your abs and learn tools that you can use in any style of training.

Breathe & Booty

Wednesday 9:30am| 45 min

This practice is about connecting to your mat, your breath and engaging your glutes 🍑. Each movement we do is with intention, purpose and will help develop leg muscles you didn't know you had!


Friday 9:30am | 45 min

It is time to sweat, lengthen and focus on fast movements. Challenge yourself through this high energy class ⚡️. We begin each class with breathing techniques, core/glute activation, followed by a music driven full body sweat.