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Formally known as The LIFTsweat Method. Since 2013 Sara has been studying, Personal Training and progressing her knowledge of exercise science and kinesiology. Throughout her research and soul searching  throughout Covid, she has completely rethought group fitness.


"Our bodies need to move through full ranges of movement, every joint action should be strengthened and properly mobile. Taking the time to learn our own bodies and following our breath length when preforming tempo-ed movement, not rushing through music. Learning to treat each exercise as a tool to build strength within ourself. My mission is to do the ground work for you, creating a community in your studio/club with progressive 6 week - full body programs. Perfect for Yoga Studios, CrossFit & Sport Training Facilities".

- Sara Colletti

what is the



We are a Certification based program for Instructors, Fitness Studios, Gyms, as well as a virtual studio. Full Body Protocol is exactly how it sounds, a 6 week progressive program using every joint action and every functional movement to ensure symmetry through someones body. We provide you with all of the tools/ equipment you need to host and successfully teach our protocol. Within one weekend you will learn our modality, our series of movements, and the fundamentals of being a Certified Full Body Protocol Instructor with monthly access to our 6 week programs. What makes our Protocol so special, is every club or studio is on the same program timeline as you. As a class participant in a NYC Yoga Studio, your bestie who lives in LA, at a CrossFit Gym, completed the same program as you on the same day. 

why is


the perfect addition to your studio, gym, or virtual practice?

Balanced Functional 


We know what its like to be achy, tight and the desire to get strong but don't know where to start. We specialize in full body mobility, core strength and functional movement. Each week we host and record a full body practice focusing on every joint action through mobility and strength. Either hop into a class, follow a replay or focus on specific movements such as balance, mobility and quick circuits. 

Current Schedule:

Tuesday 9:30am Full Body Protocol

Wednesday 6am Quick Circuit 

Great Addition to Your Current Offerings or Practice

We take pride in our knowledge of exercise science and our ability to create balanced 6 week programs. Each program is designed to strengthen every joint action and functional movement pattern. Let us bring balanced movement into your space. Whether that's for your own personal program or you want to bring function into your gym or studio. Ideal for studios that only teach one style of training [ ex. Yoga Studios for Yogis to build Strength using resistance  & CrossFit to focus on slowing down with breath control and mobility ].

Become Certified in

2 Full Days

With this 2 day immersive Certification, you will learn & feel confident with:

  • Anatomy and Kinesiology

  • Posture / Proper Alignment

  • Mobility

  • Breath Work

  • Neuromuscular Connection

  • Core Activation

  • Format / Foundations

  • Music Selection

  • Cueing Examples

  • Teaching a Full Body Protocol Class

certification & membership deets.

 2 day certification 


✔️  10 Hour Theory &  Application

✔️  Full Body Protocol Training Manual 

✔️  One Month Free of Instructor Membership

✔️  Swag Bag

Early Sign up for 2023 launch 

Instructor membership coming soon!

 on demand 



✔️ 400+ On-Demand Workouts

✔️ Written Progressive Programs

✔️ Monthly Inspo Newsletter

✔️ Ask us Anything 24/7

✔️ 80 Recipes to Fuel!

Your membership is billed monthly, reoccurring payment until canceled. If you wish to cancel and need assistance please contact

White Sands

Talk soon!! xoxo

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