We are here to keep your workouts fresh, fun and effective! Let's LIFT with Ross and SWEAT with Sara ! ! 


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Between the both of us, we just can't decide what we love more; lifting heavy while getting a major pump, feeling the heat in an intense HIIT workout, preforming dozens of reps when developing lean long muscles or having a lazy girl workout where we crush abs and glutes without even leaving your mat. Let us make your workout fun, effective and super safe!


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We promise to challenge, motivate and help you achieve your goals! We are beyond excited to have the opportunity to work with you, now let's find your new favorite class!

xoxo Sara & Ross


Fab Full Body

Monday 9:30am | 45 min

Don't discriminate, work your whole body! Focusing on your barre favs and creating lean muscle.

Signature LIFTsweat NEW

Monday 5pm | 45 min

Combining our favorite training styles in our Signature LIFTsweat Class. The perfect mix of Strength and HIIT! Grab your date, friend or pet and meet us for a sweat!

Lean Lower Body

Wednesday 9:30am| 45 min

It's time for BOOTY baby!!!! Let's shape your legs and lift those glutes. BYOBB - bring your own booty band.

Quick HIIT

Wednesday 5pm | 30 min

Challenge yourself in this speed sweat! Low to high impact and guaranteed to leave you feeling worked.

Barre Arms

Friday 9:30am | 45 min

Keeping the heat in our upper body! Time to sculpt our arms while working up a sweat.

Super Strength

Friday 5pm, Saturday 12pm | 60 min

Make muscles and take names later. Push yourself though this hour class geared to making you strong.

Now you can find you can find all of your favorite workouts in one place. Introducing LIFTsweat™ On-Demand. Join a live class, follow your favorite recorded Zoom, or sweat with a LIFTsweat™ signature!

We created this platform the second gyms closed back in March 2020, prior to the pandemic we were able to teach and train year round from Southampton to East Hampton. Now, our living room is our studio and our audience reaches far past the Hamptons! Throughout this time our community has grown and has became such a special place. We are a fitness family! Even though most of our members have never met each other in person, they  definitely know what each others living rooms look like and our smiles!

If you want to burn unwanted fat, build strength, increase your cardiovascular system and to feel comfortable in your own skin, you are in the right place!! 

We all need that extra push! We are here to answer any and every fitness question, send you reminders to help you achieve your goals and help you not miss a beat!

From HIIT to Barre to Strength to our Signature Classes. These programs will change your body, mindset and are super fun!

During the week we ZOOM! Here are all of our zoom classes. Whether you followed along live or just to tune in on your own time, get your sweat on with us!

One of the main rules to maintaining a defined physique: You can't out train a poor diet. Follow along with our low carb lifestyle! Want more recipes? Check out our blog in the drop tab! 

See what people are saying :

" I have so enjoyed and appreciated online training with Sara during my second and third trimesters of pregnancy. It’s been great to have her guidance for pregnancy appropriate exercise, and at 31 weeks I still have little to no back pain. I feel physically ready to have and carry baby around soon! Her positive and flexible attitude makes her easy to work with, even on my tough days."

Sarah C.

" Sara is the most patient and well informed trainer out there! I started working with her to get in shape for my wedding that was supposed to take place last august.  Since we had to postpone, she has helped me keep the quarantine 15 at bay and more importantly, helped to keep me sane! She is always changing things up, keeping me engaged. She can make working out fun even on those days when you don’t feel like working out at all. I’ve seen great improvements in my body and endurance since beginning working out with Sara and I couldn’t be happier with her!"

Jillian S.

"I look forward to class all week. Sara’s positive energy and motivation is unmatched. It’s endorphins galore!"

Malora W.

"I would not survive quarantine without LIFTsweat!  There is so much variety between different class options as well as both zoom and on demand workouts.  I look forward to doing the classes so much, I hardly miss the gym! 

Rachael S.

"Sara I have been doing your classes for 10 months - being in my 60’s core strength and balance are very important! Your classes cover all the muscles groups from stretching, to workout to cool down! Thank you for sharing your expertise, motivation and enthusiasm!"

Nancy Y.

"Over the last four years Sara has helped me successfully manage, extremely well, double hip replacement, lose almost 50lbs and return to running, biking, swimming and kicking my heavy bag. During the Pandemic her virtual sessions have kept me motivated, fit and sane."

Padel L.

"Working with Sara and Ross virtually these past 10 months has helped me re-gain my love for movement and engaging with my body; not only physically! -but the time Sara takes to do mindfulness/meditation to center the mind and balance the entire workout! "

Parveen K.

"Thank goodness for Sara & Ross and their love for nutrition & fitness! At 51 I feel great & look forward to not only my workouts but the guidance on healthy eating. Hamptons Wellness On Wheels has given me & my daughters a new outlook! "

Veronica L.

"You don't realize how valuable you have been to me with getting me back into shape. It's the one thing this pandemic did right. Even though I still shy away from somethings or cant do every exercise , I can do so much more than last year and I am losing inches . I absolutely love our zoom sessions. Thank you"

Carolyn M.