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Meet Ross Youmans


Certified Personal Trainer 

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition Level 1

FMS Level 1

Kettlebell Level 1

ViPR  Certified Trainer


Ross comes from an athletic background and found that playing sports growing up was one of his biggest passions. Naturally, this led to him wanting to excel in his sports endeavors and found that the process of improving through fitness was not only physical but had other tremendous health and mental benefits. He also found that it was the shared experiences he had helping others on their journey that made him truly happy.


Ross got his start as a Personal Trainer at the Equinox in Tribeca, NYC. Through their UCLA partnered Equinox Fitness Training Institute and other educational curriculum and workshops Ross, rose through their tiered system to a Tier 3Plus Personal Trainer. He had the privilege to work with an array of clientele with goals of weight loss, building muscle, marathon training, athletic training, and injury recovery. His passion for helping others on their fitness journeys inspired Ross to take on mentorship opportunities within Equinox which ultimately led to Ross becoming a Fitness Manager at the Equinox SoHo, Equinox Williamsburg, and Equinox DUMBO clubs. He was then promoted to Personal Training Manager at the Equinox DUMBO club having the opportunity to lead their Personal Training Department and its development.

Whatever your fitness goals are, Ross is excited to share his passion for results based programming and training to help you achieve them!

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