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The Runners Transformation

It's time to stop using your treadmill as a clothes hanger and it's time to put in work. This Treadmill Program was the first program we created and is one of my favorite ways to stay committed to cardio. As a seasonal Runner, I prefer to follow a program while practicing indoors. Jumpstart your cardio routine with 3

We developed an online program that is based around the treadmill. We created 30 different runs that switch between Incline Training and Interval Training. It is a written program that you follow while on the treadmill. You can make this a walk, jog or run. The program is about you. We are here to recommend the appropriate speeds based on your current fitness level and desired fitness goal. We are  your team now! Pair the 30 runs with our list of recommended foods that will help lose weight and create more mindful eating. We also teach you the benefits of tracking your macronutrients (carbs, fats and proteins) and how to do so. Lastly, the whole time you are completing the program you have us to chat with as an accountability coach. This way we can guide you through the program so it’s safe and effective. We created this because of our passion for running. This is something we have both grew with, coped with and felt empowered by. Whether you already have a love for running or want to find a place in your heart for it, let us be your spark!! 

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