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Breathing Meditation

Our To-Do List:​ 


1. Postural Work

2. Pelvic Floor & Transverse Activation

3. Functional Training

4. New Mommy ADL's


5. LIIT Training

6. Booty for the fun of it!

Practicing Yoga with Babies

First and foremost, congratulations!!

I am so excited to prepare you for the big day and to help you get back into pre baby shape!

We will start at the top with your first trimester and progress all the way to postpartum. We'll take it step by step to make it simple and attainable. Throughout my experience working with mommies-to-be I know that everyday you feel different. You may feel tired and queasy, or energetic and glowing. The first rule about training for your pregnancy it to listen to your body and to your doctor. Please make sure you are cleared to exercise and continue to check in with your doctor throughout your pregnancy. This is very important, we want to be safe! If your doctor tells you not to do something, then you hear me say to do it, do NOT listen to me, listen to the recommendations of your doctor. With that being said and getting the stuffiness out of the way, let's get excited for your big day!!!!!

You are training for the biggest physical obstacle of your life! Let's take the remaining months of your pregnancy to prepare. To put the importance of this program into perspective, let's paint some fiction. Let's say you decided to run a marathon. Your next steps will be to develop a program that will gradually build your endurance and strength in order to finish the marathon safely and with more ease. This is to prepare you for the obstacles of the race. Now let's say you decided to run a marathon tomorrow. Without appropriate training you may not know proper body mechanics or how to use your breath to maintain a steady heart rate. This could lead to injury or just an overall unpleasant experience. The same exact logic pertains to training for labor. In our case we will work on posture, pelvic floor activation, functional training, exercises for new mommies activities of daily living and my favorite, LIIT training (stay tuned). These are essential for being confident on your big day. As well as postpartum, when you're tired from taking care of your new born baby you will have proper body mechanics to safely preform all of your mommy duties with out causing injury to your body.


A Little fun fact, a strong rectus abdominal (The largest muscle in your core that you feel the most with crunches and leg lifts) is what will help you push the baby out in labor as a strong pelvic floor and transverse (your lowest core muscle that lays horizontal that you feel with pelvic tilts) will help guide the baby out of the canal. 

Whether you start with me right after you find out you're pregnant or you start with me later on, it is important to move through the basics. For example, if you start this program in your second trimester, don't zip right to the second section, start at the top in the first trimester. We will be learning very important breath work and pelvic floor recruitment which will be extremely important for your growing belly and strengthening from within. Let's get started my mommy to be!

Your Pregnancy Exercise Cheat Sheet

1.  Exercising throughout your pregnancy help reduce the risk of:

  • Pre-clampsia ​(high blood pressure)

  • Gestational diabetes

  • Gastrointestinal discomfort such as nausea, constipation and heartburn

  • Swelling veins

  • Hemorrhoids

2. Exercising throughout your pregnancy will help improve:

  • Mood and energy

  • Stamina

  • Sleep

  • Pushing effectivness

  • Your postpartum recovery

  • Blood flow for placental function

  • The birth weight of your baby

3. Changes in your body to expect:

  • Your body will start to produce relaxin which is a hormone that relaxes your connective tissue, joints and ligaments. This is good! It will help you adapt to your growing body. Relaxin will also provide mobility for childbirth. Watch out for over stretching.

  • Your heart will be pumping more blood as well as an increase in beats per minute. This increase in blood flow will give you an "energy doping effect" which is like taking performance enhancing drugs. You have the ability of being the strongest you can be! (that is one of my favorite facts)

  • Since your inner body temperature goes up you will sweat more. Do NOT exercise or be in high heat, humidity, hot yoga, saunas, steam rooms or hot tubs. This can lead to development problems in your first trimester.

  • Since your blood sugar lowers make sure NOT to exercise on an empty stomach. Your blood glucose is the growing baby's primary source of energy.

4. Weight gain:

  • The recommended weight gain is  from 25lb- 35lb or as directed by your doctor.

  • Since you will be primarily gaining weight in your belly, alignment changes will occur. Such as an anterior pelvic tilt, shift in your center of gravity and a possible change with in your scapula. This is why we will work together on your posture

  • Since your belly will be growing and your alignment will change this creates in pressure within your pelvis increasing the stress on your abdominal wall and pelvic floor. Something that you may have heard of is Diasis Recti. This is when your connective tissue is stretched and creates a pressure problem while creating that space in-between your abdominals later on. In a lot of cases this can be prevented by proper breathing and core strengthening.

YOUR SAFTEY  REMINDER: Did you consult with your doctor about exercising? If you are cleared continue, if not please consult before moving forward.

TRIMESTER 1- Foundation

Warm up and Seated 360 breathing on SB

Neutral Alignment Video

-against a wall

-use bands to correct posture

Pelvic floor activation

Birthing Patterns

All 6

30 minute circuit  2


Functional Movement 

15 reps 65 percent intensity

30 minute circuit  3

30 minute circuit  1

30 minute circuit  4

Cool down and stretch


Make sure you don't exercise on an empty stomach. Remember, your baby needs your glucose as energy! Eating a meal about 2 hours prior or having a snack an hour before can help regulate your blood sugar levels.  Try not to eat anything that will cause indigestion, this way you will be comfortable throughout the workout. If your doctor recommended an eating schedule for you, please follow their plan.



It is recommended to gain 3-5lbs in the 1st Trimester


Congratulations on entering your second trimester!! Please consult with your doctor to make sure you are still cleared for exercise. If so and you are feeling great, please move onto the next category!

TRIMESTER 2 - Strength

Seated 360 breathing and PFA and warm up

New Mommy ADLS:

Chair get up

Ground get up

Bath time kneel (cue this standing when making function video)

Bed roll

Deep squat

New Mommy ADLS:

Crib reach

Baby Lift

Open door


Ground pick up

30 minute circuit function and ADLS 1

30 minute circuit function and ADLS 2

30 minute circuit function and ADLS 3

LIIT Training 1

LIIT Training 2


Stretch on floor


Your relaxin hormone will cause you to become extra mobile and also unstable. You may notice your balance starting to change. Make sure you keep a chair or something next to you to grab onto to be safe and be aware of over stretching.

Bridge Pose


Congratulations on entering your third trimester!! Please consult with your doctor to make sure you are still cleared for exercise.


Throughout your 2nd Trimester it is recommended to increase your calories by 300 a day, if you are exercising you need to increase to replenish what you burned. Your baby needs fuel!

TRIMESTER 3 - Birth Prep

Seated 360 breathing and PFA and warm up

30 minute circuit function and ADLS 3

LIIT Training 2

30 minute circuit function and ADLS 1

30 minute circuit function and ADLS 4

LIIT Training 3

30 minute circuit function and ADLS 2

LIIT Training 1

LIIT Training 4


STRETCH on chair

Congratulations my new mommy!!! Enjoy spending time with your little one and once you are ready, continue to your postpartum exercises.

Mother and Baby on Floor


It is recommended to wait 6 weeks after pregnancy to return to your fitness routine. Ask your doctor when it safe for you to return. If after the given time you don't feel up to it or still have discomforts, please speak with your doctor before continuing in this program


My Mommy's and babies!

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