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Let us Organize Your Workouts, Nutrition, and Wellness  

Egg and Avocado Salad

MONTH reset

  • A daily workout

  • 40 delicious low-carb recipes!!

  • 40 vegan recipes too!!

  • Organized grocery lists

  • Pushing you to achieve your goals!!


Let's get focused and serious here for a minute. This new "work from home" thing can be a tough adjustment when you're used to your daily schedule. Maybe you went to the gym right before work, or you would stop on your way home. We understand the difficulty in maintaining your routine with all the changes lately. We are here to help you stay on top of your fitness routine, stay motivated, and most importantly to STAY HEALTHY!!

Within your Month Reset Program we will send you daily emails to make sure that a day doesn't go by without a workout, a healthy reminder, and meal recommendations

We have created a progressive program containing Strength Training, Core Focus, Functional Training, and HIIT! The name of the game is cross training!! Every day you will either lift with Ross or sweat with Sara. This will keep your body guessing and your attention sharp!

You will also receive access to 80 recipes!!! That's 40 Low-Carb recipes and 40 Vegan recipes!!! So exciting right! They are delish, easy, and most importantly, HEALTHY! We want to take the annoying prep out of your day: deciding what to eat and what workout to do. We got your back!! Want to know more?? Email to set up a Zoom meeting to discuss if this program is for you.

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