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With summer around the corner and spring in the air, let's get outside and walk!

Learn how to safely progress a 15 minute walk to 75 minutes in 30 days.


As we approach April 1st, with the cold winter behind us, let's celebrate spring by getting outside and enjoying nature. I have created this free challenge to push you to get out there and move your body, one walk at a time. 


Benefits of Walking:


Improves muscular endurance

Eases joint pain

Improves moods and energy levels

Strengthens your heart

Improves sleep

Boosts immune function 

Helps with stress and creative thinking

The reasoning behind our goal of 75 minutes is to burn a pound of fat each week. When you walk at a moderate to fast pace you can burn around 80-100 calories per mile. The estimated goal is 5 miles a day which means 500 calories per day. Continue every day for 7 days and that’s 3,500 calories, which is a pound of fat!


We take our ability to walk for granted, let's celebrate our bodies and make them glow.

Join the challenge for free to keep yourself accountable or print they calendar below. Happy walking!

30 Day Walking Challenge HWOW .png
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